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All About Unitrin Ins,The Right Company

Unitrin Insurance (Unitrin Ins) is one of the nation's leading financial services providers. The Unitrin Ins family of companies specializes in property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance products for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Among the brands in Unitrin's Property and Casualty Insurance businesses are Kemper®* and Unitrin Specialty, which sell automobile, homeowners and other personal insurance and commercial automobile insurance through networks of independent agents, and Unitrin Direct, which sells automobile and homeowners insurance directly to consumers or through employer-sponsored voluntary benefit programs. Unitrin's Life and Health Insurance businesses bring a high-level of personalized service to their customers. We think you should know that:

* More than 6 million policyholders have their basic insurance and financial needs met by a nationwide network of career agents and independent agents.

* With nearly $9 billion in assets, we employ over 7 thousand associates.

Company Highlights
Unitrin Property & Casualty Insurance

The Property and Casualty Insurance Group is made up of Kemper and Unitrin Specialty, which sell personal lines and commercial auto insurance through a network of independent agents; and Unitrin Direct, which sells personal auto and homeowners insurance directly to consumers. This group represents 72% of Unitrin's $2.4 billion of annual insurance premiums.

Unitrin Life & Health Insurance

Unitrin's Life and Health Insurance Companies offers life, health, and accident insurance to customers through a national network of 2,600 company-employed career agents and 250 independent agents.

Unitrin Life & Health brings a high level of personalized service to our customers, producing predictable revenue streams that enhance Unitrin's financial flexibility and balance sheet strength.

Organizational Strengths

Unitrin is led by a seasoned management team that values ethical behavior and no-nonsense business results.

* Our separate businesses together make Unitrin one of the nation's leading financial service providers.

* Unitrin's operating companies have a great degree of autonomy, enabling them to focus on customer needs and act nimbly in the marketplace. This structure fosters agility and fast response, and distinguishes Unitrin from larger competitors.

* The breadth and geographic diversity of our businesses complement one another and temper the impact of fluctuations in interest rates and economic cycles.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Unitrin is a straightforward company that strives to be upfront and honest in all our business and other dealings.

At Unitrin, we recognize that the manner in which we conduct our business, and the perception of such conduct by our customers, shareholders, and the general public, is of paramount importance to the long-term success of our organization.

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