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Consumer complaints about Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance

The car was stolen by my boyfriends brother. I pressed charges, because he has no insurance to fix the damages. His poor mom, who has little money, gave me the $500 cash deductible to fix the damages.
The theft resulted from some sort of off road driving, leaving fluids and torn wires sloppily visible when I found the car, along with a big dent, and some more paint chipping.

I would be more than happy to get a statement from my few mechanics of the car's prior condition.
I had no communication whatsoever until about 3 days after reporting the theft of the 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier z24. I had to arrange to start the whole assessment of the claim by calling Mr. Scott ***** myself.

I didn't know when I could bring my car in after it was brought for first estimate, by DeNooyer Chevrolet, and also after the contracted appraiser came to look at the car.

I finally spoke to someone other that Scott *****, a claims rep who said I could bring my car in whenever, so I scheduled a time to bring it in, a week after this point (The 13th of September being the scheduled date).

Car was brought in, and the shop tried issuing a supplemental damage claim to meet their original appraisal. Apparently while assessing the apparent repairs, it was discovered that a prior accident had occurred before I bought the car.

I was unaware of this, since when I bought the car, it had a clear Carfax report (Car was bought March 08), and looked perfect, with only 36,000 miles on it, and 1 owner.
Regardless of any unknown prior damage to the car, until this theft there was not any visible front end, or undercarriage damage other than a couple small rust spots. Also, there was absolutely NO mechanical damage to this car before the theft, and I have all receipts of meticulous care of mechanics since I have owned it.

My insurance coverage is $20 a day for a rental. Since this took too long, as the original time expected to fix my car was 3 days, this was resolved and all rental money was paid out about a month ago, at $460 for 18 days plus 5 days of total rental time.

I had been expediting everything, involving communication with the shop, my adjuster, the police department, and having discrepancy with the appraisal that Unitrin gave me for my car after Chevy had given me a much more detailed one. I did the job of the adjuster as a whole. I am really upset with having to take this all on by myself.

As of the current status with this company, I got my car back after it being gone for 3 weeks.
They fixed SOME of the visible damage, not all of it,which was soooo upsetting and neglected to fix the most serious things wrong with my car! I even took a very long verbal statement at the beginning of the claim process to be very specific saying what was wrong with this car from the theft, and it was completely neglected! The most serious things, which are dangerous things, are making me fear my safety because the company is taking so long to approve the 2nd round of repairs...or they are disregarding them all together...I don't know!
No one will help me! I have a ABS line that was severed at the time of the theft, a brake or hub assembly problem in that area, and also some power steering damage! It is getting cold now in NY, it has snowed once, and I have no choice but to drive my damaged car because Unitrin Direct hasn't contacted me with the 4th appraisal of damages which was done in my presence (the first 3 were not, and they were very wrong for what was written as damage).

Currently I am being Ignored by the property damage claims manager, Andrew *********, as he said he was going to settle this case, reopening it after the first settlement, of $1295.26, minus the $500 deductible.

Ashley of Albany, NY Nov. 16, 2010

Friday, 6-11-10. I received a phone call from Unitrin Direct Claims Representative, Lisa W. regarding an accident claim that occurred May 27, 2010. By the time I received the message they were closed and according to Ms. W.'s voicemail she would not be back until the following Monday. However, I left my name, phone number and claim number along with my request for a return call. Monday, 6-14-10. I returned the call to Ms. W. at 877- ext. 4240 and was again connected with Ms. W.'s voice mail stating that she would 'call me back within one business day, excluding weekends and holidays.' Her message also stated that if she did not return the call within 24 hours, I was to call her supervisor, John F. at 877- ext. 4237. I, again left my name, phone number and claim number along with my request for a return call.

Tuesday, 6-15-10 I never received a call from Ms. W. Wednesday, 6-16-10. When I never received a call from Ms. W., I called her supervisor John F. at 877- ext.4237 and left message that Ms. W.'s voice mail had directed me to call him if I she failed to respond to my call within 1 business day. I left my name, phone number and claim number along with my request for a return call. Thursday 6-17-10 through Friday 6-25-10 Ms. W., nor Mr. F. ever returned my call.

Friday, 6-25-10, 4:04 CDT I called Ms. W. at 877- ext. 4240 and left another request for a return call. I, again, left my name, phone number and claim number along with my request for a return call. Friday, 6-25-10, 4:07 CDT I also called Mr. F. at 877- ext. 4237 and left another request for a return call. I, again, left my name, phone number and claim number along with my request for a return call. Monday, June 28, 2010, I never received a call from Ms. W., nor Mr. F.

Tuesday, 6-28-10 5:04 CDT I left another message for Ms. W. at 877- ext. 4240 requesting a return call and also informed her that the insurance company representing the alternate party involved were now sending me threatening letters due to my insurer, Unitrin Direct's, nonresponsive attitude. I also informed her that this was the sixth time I had left a message for someone to call me back. I, again, left my name, phone number and claim number along with my request for a return call.

Tuesday, 6-28-10 5:13 CDT I left another message for Mr. F. at 877- ext. 4237 requesting a return call and also informed her that the insurance company representing the alternate party involved were now sending me threatening letters due to my insurer, Unitrin Direct's, nonresponsive attitude. I also informed him that this was the seventh time I had left a message for someone to call me back. I, again, left my name, phone number and claim number along with my request for a return call.

Ray of Carrollton, TX June 28, 2010

i have been insured by unitrin direct for'about' 10 years for two (2)vehicles,recently was rear ended in traffic so i cancelled insu.rance on totalled vehicle. i had just renewed my policy for four (4) days for 585$ my nornal cost, but they only rebated me$ i was charged $29.60 a day for the 4 days i didnt have multiple vehicle discount. i feel this is price gouging & i never had a claim before.

everet of bartow, FL Sept. 9, 2009

In January Unitrin Inc. purchased the insurance company that I worked for.Since then everything has went crazy! They have extremely bad customer service!When my policy holders call customer service they usually call me and are very angry and ,very often, drop their insurance. Unitrin has "lost" policies, gotten one families insurance mixed up with anothers, and several other irresponsible transactions.The company takes advantage of low income people!They look for any reason to deny claims but continue to take policyholders money. They care very little for employees.The way they pay commissions is extremely unfair.

Bottom line, they look for any excuse they can to keep from paying claims to policyholders and commissions to the agents.I don't know how they got the rates approved by the insurance comm.I refuse to write some of their products.I called the comm. office and told them of the company's unethical behavior and was told"Sounds like to me you need to go to work for another company"I was shocked.I would love to know how much $ they donated to the gov. election campaign!They have already lost a class action lawsuit for charging black policyholders a higher premium than whites!Now they just changed it to charging the low income population more. They only care about profits to shareholders.And I suppose CEO bonuses!

Their bonuses are more than their income!I was out for 8 weeks because of surgery. When I came back my paycheck had dropped $400 a week because they charged me for lapses but wanted managment to write business that no comm would be paid. They refused to do it.They no longer work for the company.Beware of this company!

G. of Talladega, AL Aug. 11, 2009

I have been a customer of Unitrin direct for 3 years maybe more, always paid on time and as everyone in the country i had some financial hardships the last few months, rather then not being able to pay i lapsed in a payment too which on april 18 i paid their bbalance in full, i asked for the policy to be reinstated as the policy was under contract until June 6, 2009, they told me that I cannot renew the original contract they started.

I know i was late but paid my balance in full, also they doubled my insurance premium based on a bogus claim another driver claimed on a fender bender i stated to my insurance company that a 5 mile per hour bump on the other drivers car in heavy Los Angeles traffic resulted in no injuries or damage to her car and Unitrin paid out to the other driver, in turn my driving record is scarred for the next 3 years causing any carrier of insurance in california to raise the premium to DOUBLE...this is completely unfair to a customer that has been long term and has referred several others to their insurance... The end result is that they left me with no insurance at no given notice, they just cancelled my policy rather than resolve the issues... Very poor customer service.

I cannot drive the vehicle as it is uninsured and it could cause a lot of problems, by them not paying attention to their own customers the consequences are much greater and its just very POOR customer service for California Insurance providers.

Debra of Calabasas, CA April 20, 2009

My car was stolen and a week later was found by the police. My car insurance company picked up the vehicle for me and began their investigation.
It is day 43 now and they STILL have my car, I am still paying for the cost of a rental, and they are treating me like a criminal who lied about the theft. They requested bank statements, phone records, and did 2 verbal statements. I have police records, which they seem to be uninterested in. The agent has ignored my most recent email asking for the status of my claim. I want my car back.

Cristy of Valley Village, CA April 13, 2009

Luis of Norco CA (01/23/09)
I changed my car insurance to this company on December 2008, I've been making my payments when today I recieved a letter from the insurance saying that they they don't insure this type of vehicles (I drive a truck), and I should look for another insurance company that my policy is going to end on February 11/2009, so, that means that I was driving my car without insurance for 2 1/2 months? Why did they take my money if they don't insure this type of vehicles? they don't even want to return the money that I already paid!!!! I think this is fraud!!! I don't know where to go or wher to complain that is why I'm writting to you may be you guys can investigate this place...please let me know if you need more information

Luis of Norco, CA Jan. 23, 2009

My car was hardly hit at the back by a bobtail truck in the workplace park 7:10 am, on Dec. 29, 2008. When I called their insurance because it's their fault ( Unitrin Insurance )to ask for assistance their response was so uncouth, shrewed as if it was my fault.The laidy named Amy had raised her voice over the phone because I requested a rent-a -car. She told me to listen first. Ilistened. But she insisted that renting was seemingly out ofthe picture. So my voice became so firmed that I need a car because I work. I felt that they don't care. I felt offended because of her behavior.

In short after back and forth of heated conversation, she agreed to rent me a car according to their instruction. Then, she gave the name of their's adjuster's phone number. I called the adjuster but there is no response. They just dumped you thru their voice mail.My experiece was very dissapointing and annoying. Imagine, after twelve days a lady named Angela W., Adjuster Trainee, had called me but I didn't got it because it was early in the morning.Then she did,nt call me back. I've been calling her but to no avail, I left a lot of voice mails but they don't care. I did received no calls as if calling to a dead tree.

Then Angla W. caled on the follwing day to my cell phone But i did'nt catch her because she hang up the phone. Then I left again lots of voice mail begging to call me. On the 12th of JAn.2009 she called me to say that my car was totalled. It was to my surprised. Then she told me the amount of 3732.11 for the totalled offered which I agreed. Also on 14th would be my last day of my rent a car. I called again the next day to tell her that I didn't realized that I would no car to use after the 14th I called her again but to no avail hten as usual I left thousands of voice mailto continue my rent a car.But they prevailed they cut my rent car.

So I continue two days for rent a car out of my pocket and all inconveniences. So I don't have car as of the moment. I kept on calling them often in morning at pm telling them to just mail the check for thousands time over the voice mail asap for me to buy a used car.Then on the 15th day Jan. 2009 Angela finally called me to say I can't continue my rent and she mailed the check . But today 17th of JAn, 2009 I received a mail without a check. She sent a mail regarding the amount of my car total cost and form from the the DMV stating to surrender my license plate within 10 days. Again this weekend Saturady instead of resting and ejoying my family I am in great distress because I didnt get the check to buy a car.My question is why she didnt tell me that I will not received hy check!!!!!!!!!! I scheduled myself to look around in LA to find a car because I need car on Monday for work. I am in the state of grave dissapoinment and frustrations because of one reason Their INCOMPETENCY to handle this situation. They dont care about my situation and financial cause of this damage.

Teodorico of Los Angeles, CA Jan. 18, 2009

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