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Best Direct Auto Insurance Company – Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance as a Case Study

unitrindirect - The fact that Unitrin has not been so long in auto insurance business did not mean that it is a push over at all. It is one of the companies that could be trusted when it comes to value delivery in insurance industry. Part of what the company specializes in is causality insurance. It was incorporated in 1990 but their performance is far more than how long they have existed in the business.

At inception it was their desire to be reckoned as one of the best car insurance company that delivers value to an average American community. But today they you have create a niche for themselves in automobile, life, health, causality and property insurance. They had been able to climb the ladder to become one of the top 100 largest insurance providers in United States. That is not all they are in 28th position among their competitors. This is great feat achieved just less than twenty years.

Many feathers had been added to their cap, their growth had been steady and continuously rising to the pinnacle of their success in insurance business. Automobile aspect of the business never started when the firm was incorporated, it sated just in 2002 as Unitrin Direct auto insurance company resulting from the combined effort of Unitrin incorporated and Kempner.

Their presence is presently making waves in 25 states in United States and there is every indication that with their excellent performance they will soon go round the whole country and even beyond. They make available rich information about their business on their website show casing their excellent knowledge in car insurance business.

A major reason for their unprecedented success cannot but be linked to their pricing policy that is very competitive. They have maintained a consistent channel of distribution and marketing that their coverage and services is abundantly noticeable by their customer and the prospective insurance holder.

Even though minimum requirement difference in various states gives room for varying automobile insurance pricing yet it is their target to make sure that potential insurance policy goes home with 20% off the regular price being paid to their competitors for the same coverage and deductibles.

Their excellent service is an added reason for their success rate. It was not hidden on their website that there is more to insurance policy than price. They declare that you must have assurance of the performance of the company you are dealing with before you compare their price; they can easily guarantee this due to their track record.

Their being the branch of Unitrin Direct which is rated A by A.M with 6 million policy holders with over 9 billion dollars assets is a real pride to them and it serves as a powerful marketing tool. The security provided by their solid financial base is great bait to customers that are looking for insurance company that will be able to bare their risk.

Finally their wonderful customer service cannot be swept under the carpet. The customer that is beautifully served today will not hesitate to come tomorrow and even recommend it to some of his friend. It is now obvious that Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance is one of the best Direct Auto Insurance Company.

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Heard of an auto insurance company called DIRECT?
The company in Raleigh, NC tried to charge me 26% interest for "low monthly payments", slipped $400 worth of unwanted "options" and wouldn't give me my check back when I told them I didn't want to do business with them. Even though I didn't sign the contracts, they deposited my check and applied for an insurance policy in my name. They called the police on me when I went back to demand my money. The police officer told me to report them to the North Carolina Attorney General. I did and eventually got all my money back. Just want to know if anyone else has had a bad experience with this company?

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