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Information About Unitrin Direct Insurance

Unitrin Direct Insurance Company began in 1931 and offers its 6 million customers the friendliness of a hometown company along with the professionalism of a large organization. Unitrin has a large family of groups with over $9 billion in assets. To insure that they provide their customers with the best service possible they maintain a formal Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Also, the A.M. Best Company has given Unitrin an A for excellence. They are an independent firm that rates the performance of insurance companies and getting an A from them means that Unitrin Direct can be trusted for their stability and endurance. This type of rating from such a firm gives the insured confidence that their insurance company will always be there for them in times of stress such as a bad auto accident.

If you are in the market for auto insurance and don’t know which company to use you should go onto the internet and compare all the insurance companies against each other to find the one that is right for you. On the internet you will find that not only does Unitrin Direct have great Direct auto insurance options for your needs but they also offer drivers many types of discounts.

They offer many other discounts to their insured drivers such as: 1) a safe driver discount meaning you have kept a clean driving record by not getting into any accidents and avoiding moving vehicle citations; 2) discounts for mature drivers who have reached the age of 55 years of age because they have many years of driving experience and are thought to be more responsible while driving on the roads; 3) anti-theft device discount for having safety devices put on your vehicle and other devices such as the GPS which can be used to track you vehicle very quickly if stolen; 4) pay-in-full discounts for those who pay their annual premium all at once; 5) good student driver discount for those who are in school and keep their scholastic record high; 6) defensive driver training discount for anyone who takes a specialized course in how to avoid accidents; and 7) a homeowners discount for those who have their homeowners insurance with Unitrin along with their Sterling auto insurance.

Unitrin also offer many options above the regular auto insurance people usually have such as auto rental reimbursement which provides a rental car if yours is in the shop. Another type of coverage which is very important if you have recently purchased your vehicle and have a large debt against it, Unitrin has GAP insurance meaning if your vehicle is totaled they will pay the difference between what remains on your auto loan and the value of the vehicle. These two options alone can save you money in the long run and also a lot of stress if you are in an auto accident.(

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